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Grego’s Comments: Watch out for ripoffs at the pump

Most likely in your car’s glove box, amidst all the outdated paperwork you no longer need and the napkins and straws from fast food drive thrus, and a petrified French fry or two you’ve got an owner’s manual.

In here, you can find all the specs on your vehicle including how many gallons of gas your car holds! The way gas prices have raised lately it’s important that you know exactly how much gas your car holds so that when you fill up, you can watch not only the dollars and cents tick upwards but right below that, how many gallons are being pumped into your cars gas tank! The state says 95% of the stations play by the rules and give customers what they pay for, but a small percentage doesn’t!

In 2010 Hank Gilbert, democrat for state agriculture commissioner accused the state of not doing its job of inspecting gas pumps at least once every four years and found pumps at stations all over Texas without required inspection stickers. I’ve come up on a pump in need of calibration a few time. The price was great but then I realized the pump said it gave me almost 15 gallons when my car only holds right around 12! And I know even when I’m on fumes I can’t squeeze that much gas into my car’s tank. I’m not making any specific allegations, but unfortunately rip offs in today’s world are common.

You can make complaints to the Texas Department of Agriculture at


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