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Auto Correct Fail Leads to School Lockdown


The website is called, ‘Damn You Auto Correct‘, for a reason. And a Georgia high school knows this all too well when one misspelled word led to a full lockdown and police investigation.

West Hall High School, in Oakwood, was on full alert for two hours after an anonymous tip to police that someone at the school had a gun.

Turns out there was no gun, it was that damn auto correct. Turns out a student at Lanuer Technical College accidentally sent the text to the wrong number saying: “Gunman go to West Hall this afternoon”. When in actuality they meant to text “Gunna go to West Hall this afternoon”. Oops!

Police say the sender will not face any criminal charges for the text message, as it was clearly a mistake.

Tensions were already high at schools across the country after three students were killed in an Ohio school shooting.

What do you think, is auto correcting getting out of control?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

Kim writes: I still have a “dumbphone”…. but those ‘damnyouautocorrect’ thingies are pretty funny….

George writes: That will teach the kids to stop talking in improper English. ROFL

@JazziDefinition tweets: I do believe that we rely on technology too much. I myself have been the victim of autocorrect. However, I have begun writing out my own texts. Especially after I saw how it was negatively impacting my writing. I am a writer and poet. That is a poor mix. Great segment once again!

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This entry was posted on March 5, 2012 by in Online Dish.
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