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Under Wraps; 12-yr-olds Can Order Condoms Free Online Without Parents Knowing

Kids are getting more advanced and sexual at an earlier age. And now 12-year-olds can order free condoms online from The Condom Access Project’s (CAP) website:

The program, supported by the California Department of Public Health’s STD Control Branch and the nonprofit California Family Health Council, was launched this year, on the day of love, Valentine’s Day.

So here’s how it works. Teens between the ages of 12 and 19 can log onto this website and request 10 free condoms to be mailed to them in unmarked envelopes, along with lubricant and a brochure on safe sex, that way keeping it a secret from their parents.

The Bakersfield Californian reports: “In case the envelope gets into the wrong hands, there will also be a slip detailing whom to contact if a package was received in error.” So not only is it encouraging them to be having sex at a young age, it’s encouraging them to lie to their parents.

Since the program launched more than 500 mail orders have been sent out.

The idea is for the government to protest youth from contracting STDs.

According to statistics of the 12 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that occur each year, 3 million (or 25 percent) are among teenagers. About 13 percent of youth ages 13 to 19 contract an STD each year.

So what do you think about this new condom service for youth?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

@lillybutterfly8 tweets: you have got to be kidding me how does a 12 yr even know how to do this I didnt order anything naughty online until I was 25

@Obscura tweets: mixed feelings. Proud that she was responsible, shocked that she was sexually active at 12. Long talk would be in order.

13@beatking tweets: I can’t believe this is real life… @maggiesworld Are people going Crazy???

Laura writes: Enraged

Nicole writes: OMG! I would kick their butt! Than make them watch something like ’16 and pregnant’ to show them what happens when u have sex~ but atleast they’re taking precautions(i guess)
i just love your topics!

Jamie writes: I’d much rather them order condoms than get pregnant. Some kids are scared to ask for birth control, so ordering online makes that easier. 12 is young but at least theyre being safe.

Britney writes: I don’t think the ‘concern’ here should be that young teens are sexually active. That always has, and always will be the case. I don’t think it’s right to be mad at a teen for being conscious bout their sexual health.

Instead, maybe parents should focus on where they went wrong that their young teen couldn’t come to them when they’re being responsible and proactive. Its a shame that parents would rather keep their teens away from condoms- it’s statistically proven that wont prevent them from having sex, just safe sex.

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This entry was posted on March 5, 2012 by in Online Dish.

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