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Grego’s Comments: As seen on TV? Some of these are a scam

Ever find yourself watching TV? Late at night, and all of a sudden an infomercial comes on for a product that looks too good to be true, and before you know it, even if you’re a little skeptical, you’re talking to an operator placing an order?!!

Of course you remember the pocket fisherman! The biggest fishing invention since the hook still only $19.95. And the clapper works great for old people; But some of the “As seen on TV.” Solutions and gadgets don’t always seem to work when you get them home like they did on TV. right? I had that experience with Nu Finish, which you can now buy in the store.. Yeah it brought my cars faded paint finish back to life alright, but as soon as it rained…my car was dull again.

Another product I thought might come in handy was the ding king, I tried one out years ago, and it wasn’t able to pull even the smallest of dents out of my car’s body! The good thing is most of these gimmicky products boast a money back guarantee… Which leads me to the latest celebrity endorsed invention that I tried to resist but finally broke down and purchased. And I only jumped because it involves a weakness of mine. With a 60 day money back guarantee, the flex belt claims it can help you achieve 6 pack abs in no time (parentheses with proper diet and exercise- which I am doing).

One of my friends bought one and swears by it! Look, former fat kid here… And I’ve never had abs…Ever…in my whole life!! The way I look at it. It’s now or never!! And, I’m willing to try anything to make it happen!! Well anything but doing a thousand sit-ups a day. Who has time for that?!! I’ll let ya know how it goes…


One comment on “Grego’s Comments: As seen on TV? Some of these are a scam

  1. star
    March 23, 2012

    Best show i have ever seen in my entire life i will never stop seeing it

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