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Grego’s Comments: What’s the deal with Lent?

You’ve probably heard about it. It begins on Ash Wednesday the day after fat Tuesday and continues for 40 days ending on Easter Sunday. The religious significance has to do preparing the believer for Easter through prayer, penance, and self-denial so many people give up something, whether abstaining from certain foods, physical pleasures, sweets, drinking!

One year I gave up alcohol. My friend Mitch and I were hangin’ out one night and I was drinking O’Doul’s, just as I took the last sip of one my non-alcoholic brews, I looked at the bottle thinking something wasn’t quite right. At which point my buddy laughed and said, “Hey when you went inside I poured out your O’Doul’s and replaced it with one of my real beers! Haha!”

Now, on one hand I was a little pissed that I broke my deal with god. But it got me thinking, when you really don’t know that you’re doing wrong, are you still accountable for it? So to the web I went.

According to our worldly justice system here in the U.S. if a defendant were allowed to escape legal responsibility for his acts by merely saying, “I didn’t know it was wrong or illegal, our system of using law to regulate human conduct would collapse.”

So, I just hope god’s a more understanding judge! Oh and ahh… I can’t even tell you what I’m giving up for lent this year. Let’s just say it comes under the physical pleasures category!


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