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Celebrate National Cleavage Day

What more could a man ask for, but a day celebrating the fertile passage between glorious hills. The gentle slopes, or awe inspiring canyons. The summit man wishes to climb … some women too.

Hidden behind a bra, teasing the imagination, drawing looks, begging for attention.

So you’d think this amazing day was created by a man for men. Right?

Not exactly.

This holiday was started in 2002 by Wonderbra. Kind of makes sense now, huh?!

So what is the tradition of celebrating this holiday, you ask.

In London, a gaggle of women with knockers of all shapes and sizes, take to the streets, sharing their breach, gulch, ravines or sometimes nooks; slowly making their way to Ann Summers. Yes, a lingerie shop.

Some describe it as a day of empowerment for women, celebrating independence in careers and relationships.

Others say it’s an undignified and degrading way to get women to spend money on those sexy, sultry, titillating over the shoulder boulder holders.

While many take it for exactly what it is … a way to sneak a peek at those peaks and valleys.

Because as we all know, no hill is too small or mountain too tall.


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This entry was posted on April 3, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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