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Top designers making Obama swag

What do Vera Wang, P-Diddy and Marc Jacobs have in common?

Besides over-priced merchandise and a life full of riches, it’s their love for the Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama.

President Obama has a slew of designer supporters that are branding him and making him some serious cash.

Big names like Tory Burch, Beyonce and Russell Simmons have all made special Obama gear available for a not so reasonable price.

What’d you expect? It’s designer!!

$85 for a tote bag, $45 for a tee and for $95 you can even wear Obama around your neck!

Guess who isn’t pleased with the swag?

Republicans worry the money raised could be illegal campaign funds, because designers can’t ask employees to work on political projects.

Obama’s people claim it’s all good saying the designers volunteered their own time to make the merchandise.

Legal or illegal, the President has found a way to set himself apart from any previous president once again.

The last election it was social media…this time around its designer labels.

Whatever works!


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This entry was posted on April 4, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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