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Let your voice be heard

What do you want to know about? What are some of the things you care about and are affecting you?

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6 comments on “Let your voice be heard

  1. white girls 90s rap videos…. why?!

  2. Noble
    April 9, 2012

    u my bro!

  3. Scottdiggitty
    April 9, 2012

    Much love to the Martin family but bout 3 weeks ago a woman was stabbed and killed and her daughter as kidnapped and raped and held hostage on her birthday . Were is the national media coverage on that

  4. Chris Miller
    April 12, 2012

    the email address provided doesn’t work so here it goes Bun, I hope you read it and take it seriously:


    As you know the election season is in high swing. Most entertainers, probably even yourself, support Barack Obama. I however, have been disappointed in his performance and think he has failed to deliver on of his promises (many of the reasons that I voted for him). To me, he seems like he is another George Bush but isn’t as blatantly evil about it…and honestly, I think the GOP candidates will continue the same path, with minor social issue differences like gay marriage, abortion, etc, except for Ron Paul.

    The root problems in this country have to do with the devaluation of the dollar, inflation, entitlement spending, bailouts, deficit spending and foreign policy resulting in endless wars by policing the world. All candidates have near the same stances on all of these issues in the grand scheme of things, but only one person seems to stand out amongst the rest and that is Ron Paul. Socially, he shares so called “liberal” views of equality, says the government has no place in regulating marriage and that the drug war is a lost cause that destroys lives, promotes crime and a black market and wastes wayyyyy to much of our money via police force, prisons, etc. I say this is more common sense than “liberal”, but i digress….

    Ron Paul explains how both parties have the wrong solution to rising oil prices – which they believe is all supply & demand related, when in actuality it has to do with currency. Obama has the right idea with finding alternative energy sources, but he goes wrong by using the government to pick which industries to invest in, which is something the free market should dictate. Anytime the government puts their hand in something, they ruin it, i.e. Solyndra Solar Energy, or even large blunders like the TSA or Department of Education.

    As the value of our dollar has dropped, the price of oil has gone up, however, the price of oil has stayed CONSISTENT with the price of gold – which is what our dollar USED to be backed by, before the federal reserve was implemented in 1913. Now, the federal reserve prints money out of thin air and the government awards it to anyone via bailouts and approving government backed high risk loans, while the bankers and wall street receive kickbacks. THIS is why our housing market collapsed and why we have high oil prices and corruption within our government through large corporations. Our countries founders were opposed to a central bank like the federal reserve for these exact reasons.

    I’ve always considered you a politically and socially conscience individual. I was wondering if you could give your views on Ron Paul and even suggest to people that the Obama supporters should go out to the primaries and support Ron Paul…. because at the end of the day, we want to see a debate between the two best candidates when choosing our president, which is Ron Paul and Obama. I don’t think anyone should support a single candidate without looking at every option available, because it is the future of OUR country.

    Despite my recent loss of hope in President Obama, i’d still pick him over Newt or Mitt Romney because he doesn’t seem eager to start war with Iran… aside from that, fiscal policies are the same and our country will continue to rack up debt until we end up like Greece. So I hope you really consider talking about the issue of the election and what Ron Paul brings to the table…. who is very different from any candidate we’ve ever had.

    Thank you Bun,

    • HL
      April 19, 2012

      You bring up some very good points and have obviously done your homework. You put it all very simply and you seem to understand most of it; though I wish it all really was That simple, but it is summed up well.. Though Ron Paul’s stance is socially ‘liberal’ it is his political stance (which is the most important) that is extremely ‘conservative’ because his primary focus is MINIMAL GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.. This is the basis for everything he stands for, but no one in office would ever allow their ego to allow minimal intervention of the ‘system’ except for Ron Paul… Hopefully he is really starting a Revolution we will see in future elections that will bring us back to the foundation on the Constitution.

  5. Cardell Douglas
    April 17, 2012

    I’ve been listening to an awfully lot of music and just can’t be swayed by these lyrics and stereotypes… Imagery and Artistic Value has become limited.

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