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Is this the creepiest doll ever?

There’s a strange new trend for all you baby lovers out there, but instead of inspiring the “goo-goo’s” and “ga-ga’s” most babies bring out of people, it’s giving most the creeps!

The trend, however, isn’t creepy enough to keep people all over the world from ordering what have been dubbed “Reborn Babies.

Blanca Nemecek earns her living making the ultra-realistic looking “Reborns” and shipping them across the globe to collectors. Some collectors who simply appreciate the artistic aspect of the dolls, others who seem to think they’re real babies. Nemecek says she understands why some people think the dolls are strange.

“What people will do with them I think that’s bothersome to some people, as far as some people taking them out to the store, treating them like they’re real child. They’re not a real child. They’re not a real baby. They’re a collector’s doll,” she says.

That does bring down the wierdo-factor a bit.

Some of the custom dolls go for over $600! Guess it’s still less expensive than diapers!

To each his own, we just hope none of those sweet little baby dolls turn into a “Chucky” kind of toddler.


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