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Kim Kardashian plans to run for mayor

Big-butted celebutante Kim Kardashian is planning to run for mayor of Glendale, Calif. At least that’s what she told her sister Chloe while filming Chloe’s reality show.

The problem is Kim doesn’t live in Glendale. But she says she’ll buy a home there in the next five years. That’s when she wants to be mayor. And why Glendale, you ask? “Cause it’s like Armenian town,” said Armenian Kim, famous for having no talent.

Web Vloggers the Hodge Twins addressed Kim directly through their YouTube channel, warning, “I know you’re gonna f– that budget up big time! People gonna be losing jobs, social security… all kinds of s— is gonna go down!”

That’s probably true, but chances are if she does run, Kim will win.

She’s already got a big backer. Now she just needs a campaign slogan. How about “Kim Kardashian– A candidate you can get behind.”

That oughtta grab the male vote!

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