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Trio sold meat pies made from parts of murder victims

If you decide to enter a pie eating contest in Brazil make sure you ask what’s in the “filling.”

Cristina Da Silveira’s meat pies were a town favorite. Neighbors, schools and even local hospitals couldn’t buy enough of Silveira’s good-home cookin’. So, it must have come as a sickening-surprise when the Brazilian Betty Crocker, her husband, Jorge Negroponte and his mistress were arrested after they told police they had killed two women, eaten parts of their bodies, and used their other remains to make those famous stuffed-meat-pies!

Not nearly as fun finding a wishbone in one of those!

Negroponte told police he and his two lady-friends ate the flesh of their female victims to “purify them.” It was “post-purification” that the gristle-loving-gang tried using one of their victim’s credit cards, that cops even became aware of the situation!

It gets even worse.

A 5-year-old girl living with the suspects showed the cops where the two women’s remains were buried in the backyard and the girl is probably one of the missing children!

It’s layer upon layer of disgusting details. How much money do you think charged for those things?

We’re guessing it cost “an arm and a leg.” Too soon?


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