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Zimmerman portrait made of 12,000 Skittles

There’s a sweet side to George Zimmerman. Before you sharpen any pitchforks and head over to see us, we’re talking about 31-year-old Denver art student Andy Bell.

He’s managed to sugar-coat the most hated man in America. Bell created a portrait of Zimmerman using more than 12,000 Skittles, the same candy Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, was carrying when Zimmerman shot and killed him back in February. Bell’s getting national attention for his work of art that’s almost as creepy as the real “Candyman.” Bell’s calling the piece, “Fear Itself.” Just like the Trayvon Martin case, Bell’s creation is also getting mixed reviews.

The portrait will hang on the walls of the Redline Art Center through the end of the month, and then Bell’s got to decide whether he’ll sell it or taste the rainbow.

In fact, he’s already gotten some pretty big offers for the piece, but probably not as much as the New Black Panther Party is offering for a chance at Zimmerman!


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This entry was posted on April 24, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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