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Wanted woman brags on Twitter that police will never catch her, and then …

Ashton Kutcher, Lindsey Lohan, and 50 Cent. They’ve all posted some “questionable,” and sometimes offensive tweets, but they’re celebrities! They’ve got a different set of rules than the rest of us.

So, when 20-year-old Lamar University student, Mahogany Mason-Kelly, Tweeted, “I still gotta warrant in Pearland…those pigs will NEVER catch me!!!…NEVER!!!” It didn’t take long for someone to hand the Tweet over to Pearland PD’s warrant division, who did a little research and found not only did Mahogany have 4 outstanding traffic warrants, but her sister, Turquoise, also had one! Pearland cops quickly called Lamar’s Police Department to coordinated Mahogany’s arrest; but it gets even better!

After comparing fingerprints at the station, police noticed that Moron-Mahogany had the exact same finger prints as her sister, Turquoise. They confronted her with the evidence and Mahogany admitted she had identified herself as her sister, Turquoise, during a traffic stop in May of 2011. Probably because she already had several warrants of her own. It didn’t work out in her favor.

Pearland Police charged Mahogany with tampering with a governmental record, failure to identify/ giving false information, in addition to the traffic warrants in her name and her sister’s name.

Bragging about not getting caught for breaking the law, on a website with millions of users… we’re nominating Mahogany for “Common Sense Queen” of 2012.

May your ignorance continue to make police work easier for years to come!


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This entry was posted on April 25, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.

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