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Got the munchies, head for this pot-themed sub shop

A late-night case of the munchies sends you out on mission for vittles. You spot the sign in the distance. Cheba Hut, and you start thinking, “Oh, wow, man. Cheeba.”

Well, yes, and no.

Cheba Hut is a sub-shop franchise with a marijuana-filled menu, sorta. It’s a place where buns are blunts, and you can order edible, but legal, things to eat, like Thai Sticks and Hemp Brownies.

Just like dope dealers, the Cheba Hut folks know there’s lots of lettuce to be made from selling to what’s known as the ‘fast casual’ market. The company had record sales last year of $8.4 million.

You’ll find Cheba Huts mostly west of the Pecos, pardner. Even up in Oregon and Iowa.

Who knows, maybe they’ll end up in Texas, where everything’s better when it’s smoked.


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