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Google’s driverless car gets its license

How would you like to text, do your nails, and maybe take a nap during your morning commute?

Yeah, okay, some of you nitwits already do that. But what if everyone could do it, and still drive safely?

That`s the idea behind Google`s driverless car. But this isn`t some wild idea that`s still on the drawing boards.

Nevada is now the first state to approve a license for ‘autonomous vehicles.’ And Google got the first license.

Google`s Sebastian Thrun helped design the car in memory of a friend who died in a traffic accident, and to fulfill his personal pledge to save the lives of one million people a year.

Speaking last year at a TED Talksevent, Thrun said, “We’ve driving in cities, like in San Francisco. We`ve driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Highway 1. We encountered joggers, busy highways, toll booths. And this is without a person in the loop. The car just drives itself.”

So here`s our question: Will a digital car give a digital response when someone cuts it off in traffic?


2 comments on “Google’s driverless car gets its license

  1. Jansy Linares
    May 9, 2012

    gives people one less thing to do. a lot of people want that.

  2. Lizzy Lawlis
    May 9, 2012

    I would love a car that actually did this but my biggest worry would be a malfunction might happen. Are you able to take control a malfunction happened?

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