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Woman fakes cancer for boob job

How far would you go to get something you so badly wanted? Would you go as low as faking cancer? One chick in Arizona did.

27-year-old Jami Lynn Toler told her former boss, former coworkers and even her family she needed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction and was uninsured.

She even had a website called Jami’s Hope where she tried to raise money.

Carmen Klemis, Toler’s former co-worker, said, “You could see how distraught she was in the face and then the family reached out.”

Looks like she put on one hell of an Oscar performance.

After successfully raising more than $8,000, she handed over the money to a plastic surgeon that performed a standard boob job.

Toler’s story unraveled when police say she passed on a doctor’s free offer to operate on her breast cancer.

Sgt. Anthony Landato of Mesa police said, “Her medical records indicated that there was no breast cancer or anything like that, no issues what so ever.”

That’s when Toler got a surprise of her own.

Police showed up at her job to arrest her. She now faces fraud and theft charges.

Standing in front of the judge, with her new chest on display, the judge said, “At this time I do feel like you’re a flight risk.”

There’s a special place for someone like her. She’ll get what’s coming because karma’s a bitch.


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This entry was posted on May 9, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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