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Reporter outed as stripper sues newspaper for sex discrimination

A high society stripper sues the local paper.

Sarah Tressler was a writer for the Houston Chronicle and got the ax.

Not because she did a bad job or offended anyone, other than the moral sensibilities of her bosses maybe.

She was fired because she did a bit of moonlighting as a stripper.

She claims the seductive dancing put her through college, and more recently was just a good way to stay in shape.

Tressler isn’t taking it quietly and hired none other than Gloria Allred to represent her.

“Sarah feels that when she was terminated, that termination was sexually discriminatory and in violation of the title 7 of the Civil Rights Act,” Allred said.

You tell em’ Gloria.

The Houston Chronicle had nothing to say about it.

We can’t imagine why a newspaper might not want an exotic dancer representing them!!!

But with Allred by her side, she most likely won’t need a writing job at the Chron; she could own the paper.


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This entry was posted on May 11, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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