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Man survives suicide plunge over Niagara Falls

As Van Halen said, “might as well jump.” That’s what one guy did. He jumped off the top of Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls.

Police have not released his name, so we’ll just call him ‘Lucky.’ Amazingly, ‘Lucky’ survived the crushing rocks, the 6 million cubic feet of rushing water and the 174 foot drop. ‘Lucky’ was in the water for two hours before rescue crews could pull him to safety. He has serious injuries but is expected to live.

‘Lucky’ is the third moron to plunge over the falls, without a safety device, and live to tell about it. But each year, 20 to 30 people intentionally take a flying leap off the Falls. All that practice is likely why it only took rescue crews about 30 minutes to hoist ‘Lucky’ from the riverbed.

Daredevil Nik Wallenda will be happy to hear about the quick rescue response… he’s been in New York City practicing to cross the Falls on a tightrope in a few weeks.

Hopefully he’s as lucky as ‘Lucky.’


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This entry was posted on May 23, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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