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Man drives to bar with a zebra and parrot in his car, gets arrested

A guy walks into a bar with a parrot and a zebra….  Have you heard that joke? Actually, it’s not a joke. It happened in Dubuque, Iowa. Jerald Reiter took his two exotic pets to The Dog House Bar.

As his girlfriend Vickey Teter says, ‘It’s not every day you see somebody that’s got a zebra and a parrot in the house.’  Or in the bar.

Despite the name, The Dog House Bar, they don’t serve animals of any kind and told Reiter to leave. Reiter gathered the zebra and parrot and loaded them back up in his ark… I mean truck.  He says he was about to ask a passenger to drive when police showed up, arrested and ticketed him for ‘Operating Under the Influence’ which is Iowa’s version of driving drunk.

Reiter disputes the charge and claims the truck was not moving.  That’s good news because I doubt the parrot could reach the brakes and the zebra is a real jackass when he drives.

When asked how the zebra felt about the ordeal… he refused to speak saying he was a little horse.  The parrot said the same, of course.

Hopefully the family and their exotic animals will stick closer to home.


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This entry was posted on May 24, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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