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Nerds of the world unite for Geek Pride Day 2012

Nerds old and young, big and small– unite! Your day has come.

Friday is Geek Pride Day, a day to bring your comics, cosplay and Konami code out of the closet and let your geek flag fly. Or “jump into the fire,” as Duran Duran might say.

Why Friday, May 25th? That’s the day back in 1977 when Jedi master George Lucas released the very first Star Wars film (later subtitled “Episode 4: A New Hope” upon its re-release in 1981).

For you noobs, Geek Pride Day was first celebrated in Spain when a group of Spanish geeks or “come libros” (translation: book eaters) created a human version of Pac-man.

News of the holiday hit the web (of course!) and spread like a manga schoolgirl until it reached U.S. shores in 2008. It’s a day when nerds tell the muggles and mashers of the world, “frack off.” Or in the immortal words of “Star Trek” actor George Takei, “You’re a douchebag. You are always going to be a douchebag.”

So pull out your favorite Joss Whedon t-shirt and your brand new pair of Geek Sneaks, go A-F-K (away from keyboard) for a bit, and head out into the real world. Try some place like Comic Palooza this weekend at the George R. Brown Convention Center. There, you can throw your hands up, and celebrate your geekdom.

Enjoy it while you can because, chances are next week you’ll be the butt of jokes again.


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