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Texas public library won’t stock “50 Shades of Grey”

That softcore sensation “Fifty Shades of Grey” has past “The Hunger Games” as the best-selling book of 2012. It and its two sequels are the three top sellers on the New York Times bestsellers list this week.

Yet, if you visit a library in Fort Bend County, you wouldn’t even know the books exist. They are not stocking copies on their shelves.

Fort Bend County Libraries spokesperson Joyce Kennerly claims it is because reviewers said the books are poorly written– a slap in the face to BBC TV producer Erika Leonard who wrote the steamy stories under the name “E.L. James.”

Still, these libraries are public libraries and the public has deemed these books worthy by buying more than 10 million copies. Shouldn’t a public library provide the public with what they are clamoring to read?

Kennerly claims they have received very few requests to carry the books. That’s hard to believe, considering Houston Public Libraries say their copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey” have more hold requests than any other title on their shelves.

Kennerly says it’s possible they might still buy copies of the “Fifty Shades” books in the future, if Fort Bend County folks want them. They have librarians reviewing the sexy sizzlers, but she said the decision will be made on “the best interests of our community, not on news media statements or stories.”

Ouch! Here at NewsFix, we just put the word out and let the public make up their own minds– maybe the Fort Bend County Libraries should try that.


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