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$666 Douche Burger is world’s most expensive burger

Eating out can get expensive, but one food truck in New York City, has taken it to a new level.

666 Burger is offering a $666 dollar burger.  Yes, it’s Kobe beef wrapped in gold leaf, short ribs, lobster and truffles.  Even BBQ sauce made with coffee passed through the digestive tract of an Asian palm civet, then wrapped in 3 $100 dollar bills.

With all that, why even bother calling it a burger?

Franz Aliquo, owner of 666 Burger says: “It was really just a matter of trying to figure out what is the most ridiculous stuff that rich people will eat, and put it on that burger.  With complete disregard for taste, texture or anything cooking related that would make something actually taste good.

Dubbed, the ‘douche’ burger, implying that anyone who eats it probably is one.

At 666 Burger they believe a hamburger is simple, good meat, done right.

Just as they do at Bubba’s Burgers on Westpark, right here in Houston.

Matthew McCracken of Bubba’s Burgers said, “Simplicity is just as good. We make a wonderful product here, using simple ingredients, there`s about 6 things on the burger and people love it.”

What does McCracken think about a $666 dollar burger?

“If somebody can actually sell something like that it’s got to be pretty amazing.”

But would anybody buy one?

Calaway Williams, a Bubba’s customer said: “I know that I would never pay that, I don`t think anyone else out there would either.”

Robert Cantu said:  “Personally, only an idiot would buy that but when you can come down here and have a good tasting burger for not even a percentage of that.”

Stefanie Solar said: “Bet you there are people who will buy the burger, just so they can make their own personal statement, but I won’t be one of them.”

So the next time you’re in the Big Apple check out 666 Burger, you might just impress someone.


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This entry was posted on June 5, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.

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