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Runner stops race to help competitor cross finish line

You’ve heard it before– life’s a rat race and everybody’s out for himself. But one racer in Ohio proved sometimes a loser becomes a champ by giving someone else a leg up.

17-year-old Meghan Vogel was running in the state meet in West Liberty, Ohio. It was the 3200 meter race, a bit less than two miles for the metrically challenged.

She was pooped after winning the 1600 meter race a half hour before, so she was way back in last place. That’s when she saw the girl in front of her run into trouble.

“She was probably about 50 meters in front of me,” said Vogel, “and I saw her fall.”

Meghan could have run past and beaten the fallen girl, but she didn’t. She stopped, helped her up and carried her to the finish line.

“If you work to get the state meet, then you deserve to finish, no matter who you are,” Meghan said. “And I was going to make that happen for her no matter what.”

Not only did she carry her to the end, Meghan made sure Arden McMath crossed the finish line first.

Blowhard Rush Limbaugh was less than impressed. He said of Meghan on his radio show, “if you don’t learn at some point in life to be competitive, you’re gonna be chewed up and spit out.”

But then– what does he know? When was the last time he ran a race?

Official results put Arden in 14th place and Meghan in 15th, dead last. But long after this meet is forgotten, Meghan Vogel’s winning act of compassion will be remembered, a shining example for everyone running their own race, trying to make it to the finish line.


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This entry was posted on June 7, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.

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