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Woman eats squid, gets pricked in the mouth, finds squid sperm

In a world where human women become the objects of the unnatural desires of evil, mutant, marine monsters, comes a story stranger than fiction, and more disturbing than your mom talking about sex.

The Journal of Parasitology carried a report about a 63-year-old South Korean woman who got a mouth full of sperm while eating some undercooked squid.

But not just any squid. She chomped down on a todarodes pacificus, better known as the Japanese flying squid.  The squid pricked her in the mouth and squirted a dozen, small, white, spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms that caused her severe pain. Doctors had to remove the spermatophores from her mouth and tongue. And if you`re not sufficiently ‘icked out’ by now, try swallowing this: spermatophores are sacks of semen.

But women getting pregnant by squids is not uncommon in the Far East where people don’t fully cook their squid. A similar case happened last year in Japan where doctors removed squid sperm bags after a woman ate one raw.

Seems like yet another reason to spit and not swallow.


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This entry was posted on June 19, 2012 by in NewsFix Now.
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